A blog about funeral planning, cemeteries, graves and their forgotten stories.

As much as we wish it wasn’t, death is part of life. By learning more about it, our mortality and ways to say goodbye, the inevitable becomes less confronting. This blog aims to reveal interesting, informative and sometimes quirky and fascinating facts and thoughts about end-of-life planning. It’s written by Australian journalist Lisa Herbert, author of The Bottom Drawer Book: The After Death Action Plan.

The Bottom Drawer Book is a modern, colourful After Death Action Plan and funeral planning workbook, helping you prepare for the inevitable with quirky but practical tips and information, and lots of room for you to write your wishes and personal reflections. It’s available in Australia for $29.95 (paperback) and $12.99 (ebook). Click here to purchase.

In the meantime, you’ll find Lisa’s most recent blogs listed on this page. So put on your hat and some comfy shoes as we explore cemeteries, the world of funerals, death and dying, interesting graves and stories that need to be told.

Lisa Herbert is a journalist, author and death literacy advocate. The Bottom Drawer Book: the after death action plan is for anyone who wants to have a say in their farewell, taking the pressure of their grieving loved ones when the time finally does come.

9 thoughts on “A blog about funeral planning, cemeteries, graves and their forgotten stories.

  1. Lisa I have just received your book and I am very impressed with it. I now have a lot to think about and organise. Thank you for putting this book together to help people at a very sad and tender time in their lives when someone dies. I am recommending your book to my friends.

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