The Bottom Drawer Book is an after death action plan that contains lots of practical information for anyone who wants a say in their own farewell. Its brightly coloured illustrations and humorous text encourage thought and understanding of a topic that doesn’t have to be dark or confronting.

A journalist for 16 years, most recently with the ABC, author and blogger Lisa Herbert has also worked as a TV reporter and producer.

Her interest in western society’s perception of death and dying was sparked as a teen after reading the books of renowned psychiatrist Elisabeth Kübler-Ross. The works, inspired by Dr Kübler-Ross’ work with terminally ill patients, were groundbreaking at the time. Never before had the emotional needs of the dying been given attention by the medical profession.

Cremation or burial? Religious commemoration or celebration of life? Expensive casket or cheap coffin? There are many, many decisions that have to be made when someone dies. Agonising over those decisions at a time of grief and loss is tough. Giving some thought to your ideas and plans NOW will help alleviate that.

Consider it the best present you’ll ever give your loved ones.

Lisa Herbert is an Australian journalist and author

People are still reluctant to talk about the inevitable. However, while researching The Bottom Drawer Book, Lisa found that once the discussion began, people opened up and gave their mortality some measured thought. All they needed was someone to initiate the discussion. And that’s where The Bottom Drawer Book comes in. Its aim is to start the conversation.

The Bottom Drawer books sells for $24.95 (including postage). It can be bought here: http://www.thebottomdrawerbook.com.au